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Quick Tips

Gas Leaks
Our advise to all customer in reference to gas leaks is to evacuate the home immediately and contact your local utilities company.

If you experiencing drainage problems, our advice is not to run any water, given that at some point, all drainage pipes are connected. Continuing to run water through backed up pipes could cause flooding in other areas of the house. Water damage can be fairly costly to rectify, so please call us right away to locate and clear stoppage.

Water heaters
If your water heating is leaking, the first thing to do is to shut off the gas supply to the water heater which is a ¼” turn. To shut the gas off, the valve needs to be at a 90 degree angle horizontal to the flue piping. You will also need to shut off the water supply at the valve going into the top of the water heater. Turn this valve clockwise to close. Please then call us right away to isolate problem and repair.

Garbage Disposal
When your garbage disposal is backed up, there is a red re-set button located at the bottom of the garbage disposal under the kitchen sink. You can often re-set this order to clear stoppage at the sink. If not, please call us right away to clear stoppage and/or replace garbage disposal.


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